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Chicken Packaging


We provide you with transparent bags for chicken packing, with a zipper on top for the opening and a handle, available in all sizes that you and the clogs that you will wrap inside. The minimum order for this type of bags is between 500 and 1000 pouch. We provide you with two choices, with the logo or design of your products; we have a distinguished team of graphic designers in case if you do not have design or have an old design and want to change it, we provide you with this service. For more information please contact us.

You can acquire our chicken bags in any of the two options:

  • Stock chicken bags

In case our client needs an urgent delivery, we have chicken bags to be sent immediately. The minimum quantity to request is 1000 units and the time to receive your order is in a range of 7 to 10 days. We count with the next sizes of  chicken bags:

Chiken Bag Measurement

  • Custom chicken bags

We also recommend you our custom printed pouches whose impression is in high definition.  The impression is made through the rotrogravure technique, that allows the client choose until 9 printing colors. The time that requires this process is of approximately 25 days. The minimum quantity to order our customized chicken bags is of 10 000 units.

Chicken Bags

Chicken Bags

Poultry Packaging

Poultry Packaging