We produce bags for storing pulses and spices. Swiss Pac is a leader in the production and export of agrochemical packaging bags, cereals and spices. You can use this kind of bags to encapsulate many products, such as:

  • The rice
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Fertilizers
  • Oatmeal

We found you the solution for safely packing your heavy products, this type of bags is tightly sealed, Stroezo bags designed to pack heavy bulk products from 20 kg to 100 kg bags. They are produced from a special blend of polymers and LDPE that retain the quality, texture, color and flavor of the product inside. We guarantee 7-10 times less oxygen and moisture penetration compared to normal plastic bags that are used as inside lining. We recommend that you use this type of bag for longer shelf life. Order them even once and you will feel the difference in how satisfied your customers are with the quality of the product, so your sales will increase significantly. We provide you with custom sizes for all uses:

  • 650mm x 1100mm
  • 750mm x 1300mm
  • 750mm x 1500mm